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How to find out the IP Address of somebody sending you Anonymous messages.


So, someone has been getting on your nerves leaving you messages Anonymously?

Well, fear not. Using this method, you can view their IP Address. This can help you figure out who they are! This works for anyone sending you messages, Anonymous or not.

Simply highlight the block link on the message like so:

Then, right click and select “View Selection Source” (or “Inspect Element” in Google Chrome/Chromium):

Then a new window with the source code of your messages page will pop up:

The highlighted (and circled) numbers are the sender’s IP address!

Congratulations! You can now find out the IP Address of anyone who sends you questions, Anonymous or not. Again, this can be very useful if you need to figure out who somebody is.

EDIT: For anyone wondering what to do with an IP address, just punch in the number here:

It’ll tell you were the person lives.

You see, this would only work if the anonymous sender wasn’t on a proxy.

Remember how in middle school (and even high school), you would go on a computer and not be able to go on certain sites, such as Youtube? Remember how people got passed that? 


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